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Injury and repetitive strain, if left untreated, can result in pain cycles. So can emotional tension. Whether their cause is mechanical or emotional, pain cycles are characterized by the same symptoms (soft tissue pain, muscular guarding, joint stiffness and muscle weakness)
and equally obstruct the natural flow of energy in the body (with such negative consequences as reduction in mobility, decrease in the intake of oxygen and nutrients, depletion of available energy and compromised production of new energy). However, the techniques for treating pain cycles triggered by injury and repetitive strain differ in protocol and type from those appropriate for treating pain cycles triggered by emotional tension—especially those designed to help clients restore emotional flow.

While many therapists are well versed in theory and technique of the former, they have limited familiarity with the latter. Angie Dubis, owner of A Comfortable Place, is well aware of the fact that injury and repetitive strain can themselves cause emotional tension. She has gone to great lengths to gain an understanding of the interaction between emotional and somatic processes and has a strong command of techniques to aid clients in identifying and releasing pain, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Techniques offered at A Comfortable Place Integrative Healing aim to restore healing energy levels in the body and foster a more centered, focused and aware attitude, so that clients may achieve greater control of their own pain cycles (regardless of cause).

Health Education

Take free online courses, such as, Mind Body Integration to learn about your body, how it processes stress and trauma and what you can do about it; hire us to create a customized protocol to teach an entire staff body wraps or to speak to a class about health and wellness; or to teach you and your partner how to work those sore muscles. Whatever your healthcare education needs, A Comfortable Place is can help you achieve your goals.

Massage & Spa Consulting

A Comfortable Place offers consulting services to massage therapists and spa managers specializing in menu creation, product selection, staff training, low cost advertising and implementation.